Take A Step Forward Into Marketing Healthcare Today

MHT Is A Resource For Your Marketing Department With A Never Ending Shelf Life!

MHT Explores Successful Healthcare Marketing Strategies, Projects & Campaigns!


Spread_HeaderMarketing Healthcare Today is not only a magazine… it is a resource!  A resource worth its weight in gold when the marketing department is asked to “put together” some marketing materials on a service line that doesn’t exist yet!  We’ve all been there.  Administration drops the bomb of a potential huge project and what do you have… blank paper and the need for a grande dark roast with an extra expresso shot!  Not any more!  Marketing Healthcare Today is a great resource bursting with ideas, trends and creativity!

MHT scours the nation in search of marketing and advertising materials that work. So, now that you have that request of “The ER numbers are down… you need to do something different to reach the community!” or “We will be opening a new Ambulatory Surgery Center next fall… we need a marketing campaign to really blow people’s socks off!” – not only do you have your experience and training… you can have multiple issues of MHT available to peruse.

For only $175/year, MHT can be a valuable resource for you and your marketing team.


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