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“Marketing Healthcare Today is one of my favorite publications!  It’s great to have different campaign and single projects broken down by service line.  Thanks to the staff for all the hard work!” – Carolyn J. – NY

“The best healthcare marketing magazine on the market today.  Looks great and full of fabulous information.” – Phillip W. – OR

“…MHT saved my job literally.  I was able to get in touch with one of the organizations published in the magazine and thankfully they were more than helpful.  I went from nothing to a ton of information.  Thanks so much for the dedication of putting this magazine together!” – Shannon P. – SC

“OK Guys – I’m not sure how you do it… but every time I need something specific, it’s in the next issue!  I’m having my office swept for listening devices ;)” – Pam P. – NV

“I’m so glad MHT was in the budget for us this year!  We’ve really enjoy reading the magazine!” – Charlie O. – CA

 “I really enjoyed the cancer services edition of MHT – it was very informative.  From all of us in the Communications Department – Thank You!” – Jessica T. – TX


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